8 Best Beginner Drum Sets [2021] – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

If you run a show with a minimum musical instrument, even two or three, a drum set will be one of them. Without a proper drum set, a successful show is nothing but your imagination.

Well, you are reading this article because you may start drumming for the first time. This is very confusing to get a drumming set with good qualities when you don’t know much about it. It’s a very crucial quest that you are looking for the best beginner drum sets for your learning phase. Drums are easy to learn and play. But the drums should support you while learning.

In this article, we tried to put together some drum sets that are considered the best beginner drum sets options. You can freely choose one of them while starting your lesson.

Here you will get enough information about these models along with their pros and cons that will help you compare these models. You will also get a guideline that will help you to choose a drum set that is best for you.

Best Beginner Drum Sets – Detailed Reviews!

If you want the best drum sets for beginners, you can see the following models:

1. Gretsch Catalina Club Drum Set

best beginner drum sets reviews

Price: $699/£695/€769 | Hardware/cymbals included: No | Ideal for: Anything | Tones: Natural, Warm, Clear | Available configurations: 18″ x14″, 12″ x8″, 14″ x14″, 14″ x5″, 20″ x14″, 12″ x8″, 14″ x14″, 14″ x5.5″ | Available finishes: Walnut Glaze, Antique Satin Fade, Gloss Crimson, Blue Satin Flame, Bronze Sparkle, Piano Black, Yellow Satin Flame.

If you want something extremely good at an affordable price, Gretsch Catalina Club Drum Set is the thing you need most. The Catalina Drum set is absolutely the right representative of this brand.

With the perfect finishing, this set is outstanding to look at. Its Blue Satin Flame can attract any drum lover. It’s true that it depends on everyone’s taste. But this one is truly good for beginner learners and also for a gorgeous show.

This drum set is quite strong and sturdy in nature. As we all know, drums should be extremely hard to survive for long days and this particular model is satisfying enough in this case. Its size is suitable for playing comfortably, which is very crucial for a beginner.

The tonal depth is quite reliable. It’s rich and consistent, unlike many well-known brands. You can easily tune it. It won’t disturb you with re-tuning again and again and allows concentrating on playing the drums.

The drum heads could be better. But we can’t recommend anything better than this model at this price range. You should make a trial with this set.

We Like

  • Gorgeous and attractive finishing
  • Reliable and long-lasting performance
  • Reasonable price tag
  • Easy to tune and play

We Don’t Like

  • Drum heads could be better
  • Set up could be a bit challenging


2. Ludwig Breakbeats Drum Set

Best Beginner Drum Sets buying guide

Price: $429/£459/€515 | Available finishes: Black Sparkle, White Sparkle (pictured), Wine Red Sparkle | Hardware/cymbals included: No (but bags/mutes are included) | Ideal for: Jazz, hip-hop, funk | Tones: Crisp, punchy, surprisingly full | Available sizes: 16″ x14″, 10″ x7″, 14″ x5″

Ludwig Breakbeats Drum Set is a great mix of reliable size and defined tone. This is one of the most comfortable drum sets to play and popular with beginners. But this drum set is more admired by the drum quester as they love this model for easy carrying.

Its size is suitable for carrying in any place by even a taxi. So, if you want to take your drum set to your class or to a show, you can think about this model. Its compact size can’t judge its performance.

Well, it is quite louder than you expect. It is one of the suitable models for Hip Hop and Jazz. Its crisp and punchy tone is reliable for any stage show and also for learning to drum easily.

This is actually a gigging drum where it should be smooth to paddle. But is actually a drawback of this model that you may feel problems in paddling. However, this drum set can be your favourite one for carrying on a trip.

Whether you are a newbie or an intermediary player, you can definitely play this stuff. Its white sparkle finishing makes this drum attractive and amazing to look at.

We Like

  • Extremely compact and portable model
  • Heavy-duty drum set
  • Good for all-quality players
  • Amazing finishing

We Don’t Like

  • It’s hard to paddle
  • Drum risers can be tricky


3. Pearl Export 5-pc. Drum Set

best beginner drum sets guide

Price: $999/£785/€880 | Available finishes: Smoky Chrome, Jet Black, Black Cherry Glitter (pictured), High Voltage Blue, Matte White | Available sizes: 20″ x16″, 10″ x7″, 14″ x14″, 14″ x5.5″, 22″ x18″, 10″ x7″, 12″ x8″, 14″ x5.5″, 22″ x18″, 10″ x7″, 12″ x8″, 13″ x9″, 16″ x16″, 14″ x5.5″ |Hardware/cymbals included: Yes | Ideal for: Most things | Tones: Warm, defined, loud 

Pearl Export 5-pc. Drum Set is the next one in our top list of best beginner drum sets. Pearl Export is definitely tremendous stuff for beginners. We have real-life experience of working with this drum.

First of all, this is amazing to look at with a classic Chrome finish. This one has lots of popular features like a pro-quality drum set. Its mahogany constructing materials is the reason why this stuff is good for long-term performance.

This model has sturdy Pearl 830 Series hardware. The wrapped finish of this drum is very much attractive and eye-catchy. You will get everything in a set. But there are some sellers who sell the kits of this model separately. So, if you want to buy kits separately, you can do that.

You should know that you need to be careful of using this drum as it needs to be maintained well. You have to use lubricants to clean it after every few days.

This model has so many size options and also colors available. So, you can choose one for people of any age. You won’t get an 18″ kick in the line-up. But the rest is amazing. This is a good investment for Jazz music.

We Like

  • High voltage and powerful drum set
  • Classic quality drum set
  • Long-lasting, strong performance
  • Good for Jazz music

We Don’t Like

  • It requires maintenance
  • Not a high-end drum set


4. Yamaha Rydeen Drum Set

yamaha best beginner drum sets

Price: $670/£596/€669 | Ideal for: Most styles | Tones: Full, warm, defined. | Available finishes: Silver Glitter, Mellow Yellow, Hot Red, Fine Blue, Black Glitter, Burgundy Glitter | Hardware/cymbals included: Not officially | Available configurations: 20″ x16″, 12″ x10″, 14″ x13″, 14″ x5.5″, 22″ x16″, 12″ x10″, 16″ x15″, 14″ x5.5″ 

There is nobody who doesn’t know about Yamaha for high-quality musical instruments. This brand has provided lots of famous pieces for music. But the Yamaha Rydeen Drum Set is something that is extremely good compared to its price range.

This Japanese kit is a trustable one of the best beginner drum sets. Any music instruments for beginners should be sensitive enough so that they don’t need to struggle to play. This drum set is manufactured with that mechanism and also with strong materials.

This model is very easy to tune. You don’t need to re-tune it again and again. So, you can freely do experiment with this stuff and do something better every day. This mellow yellow model is very classy and gorgeous to look at. There are also some finishes like Silver Glitter, Hot Red, Fine Blue, Black Glitter and Burgundy Glitter. You can choose the one that you like most.

This drum set is crafted for beginners and you will find it super-easy to paddle. This model is also very versatile and usable in any serious shows on a serious note. This model is not quite compact. If you have space issues, you can go for any other model.

We Like

  • Great for very young drummers
  • Beautifully crafted
  • Strong and robust shell
  • Available kits

We Don’t Like

  • It is not a compact model
  • Floor tom is not good for all


5. Tama Club Jam Drum Set

best drum sets for beginners buying guide

Price: $619/£549/€615 | Available configurations: 18″ x12″, 10″ x7″, 14″ x7″, 13″ x5″ | Ideal for: Jazz, funk, small gigs | Tones: Light, punchy, open | Available finishes: Satin Blonde, Aqua Blue (pictured), Charcoal Mist, Galaxy Silver | Hardware/cymbals included: No (except one cymbal stand)

Tama Club Jam Drum Set is one of the most traditional drumming stuff that is of quite the ’50s style. This is pretty and eye-soothing to look at. Its materials are very strong and you can perform with it for years freely.

Well, this is actually an entry-level drum set having six pieces. The kick drum of this set is quite punchy and its size is 18″ x12″. You can adjust this size according to your comfortability. But don’t make it too small.

Consider the good times and bad times as well. This vintage-style drum set is all for having a good day while practicing. Its size is quite compact. But you will be surprised by its loudness. This drumming stuff is good for making a sound that is the reason why you actually bring a drum set.

However, this model is quite budget-friendly. This is pretty good at $600 at this time. Well, this stuff is available with a one-year manufacturing guarantee. This is not usual nowadays in the case of music stuff. But you will get it for Club Jam Drum Set. So, if you are serious about learning to drum, you can freely choose this model.

We Like

  • Amazing and useful features
  • Reliable construction materials
  • Attractive and glassy look
  • Punchy and light tone

We Don’t Like

  • Cymbals may need replacement
  • Setup is a bit challenging


6. PDP New Yorker Drum Set

Reviews of best beginners drum sets

Price: $499/£399/€449 | Available configurations: PDP New Yorker: 16″ x14″, 10″ x8″, 13″ x12″, 14″ x5″; Daru Jones New Yorker: 18″ x10″, 10″ x5″, 14″ x7″, 13″ x6″ | Ideal for: rock, hip-hop, jazz | Tones: Full, heavy, defined | Available finishes: PDP New Yorker: Electric Green Sparkle, Pale Rose Sparkle, Black Onyx Sparkle; Daru Jones New Yorker: Gold/Black Sparkle | Hardware/cymbals included: No

If you want a drum set for carrying in your car for the classes or house party, you can go for this model. Well, this drum set is very lightweight and also compact in size. So, you can easily carry it without facing much complexity.

This is actually a hipster of smaller kits in recent times. You will get some sizes as well. So, you have the opportunity to choose one according to the height of your baby. This pitch-color drum set is very pretty and cool. Kids will love this for sure.

This model is perfect for learning rock, hip-hop and Jazz. Its full and heavy tone makes this drum set good for performing with Jazz. Well, the physical strength is good as it is a baby’s model. But, as drumming stuff, it could be a bit better. However, this is a great piece for kids at this price range. It could be a little hard and fiddly for tuning. But, this will be fixed with time.

The gorgeous finishes and flexible sizing options make this drum set one of the most attractive kids drumming sets. In fact, this is flexible enough for even the smallest member of your house. Overall, this is a recommended one for the kids.

We Like

  • Best option for kids
  • Multiple sizes are available
  • Deep and heavy tone
  • Pretty and attractive to look at

We Don’t Like

  • Housing may not be satisfying
  • A bit fiddly for tuning


7. Natal Arcadia Drum Set

best value beginner drum sets

Price: $600/£499/€559 | Available Configurations: UXP (pictured): 10″x6.5″, 12″x7″, 14″x12″, 16″x14”, 14″x5.5″, 22″x18″; U24: 13″x9″, 16″x16″, 14″x6.5″, 24″x16″; Traditional jazz: 12″x8″, 14″x12″, 14″x5.5″, 18″x14″ | Available finishes: Black Sparkle, Purple Sparkle, White Sparkle, Red Sparkle, Grey Strata (pictured), Black, Gloss White | Hardware/Cymbals Included: No | Ideal for: Rock, pop, indie | Tones: Punchy, natural, defined

Natal Arcadia Drum Set was first introduced in 2015 and since then, this has been one of the best beginner drum sets. When you purchase a drum set for a newbie, you should never compromise with the quality of this stuff. Natal Arcadia is such a musical gear that won’t make you disheartened in this case.

There are lots of top-listed drum sets for professionals from Natal and this Arcadia is featured with all the hardware they used inexpensive models. However, this entry-level drum set is all set for being the most reliable thing in your beginning drumming class.

This drum is quite strong and reliable for long-term performance. It looks very smart. It’s not very colorful. But, its black finish is better to see than anything. This drum is very easy to tune and also plays comfortably. You can freely take this one if you want to learn rock, pop, or indie. But we won’t recommend this for jazz music.

This drum is available in different sizes. So, you can take it for people of any age. In fact, the little one in your house also can play this stuff. Overall, this is a good deal in this price range.

We Like

  • Extremely good for beginners
  • Highly strong and reliable
  • Easy tuning capacity
  • Sizes are available

We Don’t Like

  • Not a good one for Jazz
  • Stock heads need to be replaced frequently


8. Mapex MA446SRW Mars Drum Set

best beginners drum sets buying guide

Price: $949/£779/€875 | Ideal for: Anything, especially heavier stuff | Available configurations: Bebop (pictured): 18″ x14″, 10″ x7″, 14″ x12″, 14″ x5″; Fusion: 20″ x16″, 10″ x7″, 12″ x8″, 14″ x12″, 14″ x6.5″; Crossover: 22″ x18″, 12″ x8″, 14″ x12″, 16″ x14″, 14″ x6.5″; Rock: 24″ x16″, 12″ x8″, 16″ x16″, 14″ x6.5″ | Tones: Full, bright, thuddy | Available finishes: Smokewood, Bloodwood, Driftwood, Dragonwood, Bonewood, Nightwood | Hardware/cymbals included: No

The Mapex MA446SRW Mars Drum Set is now an expensive one. This is not only for beginners. This is genuinely for everything you want to do with it starting from a learning drum to performing on stage.

This stuff is enriched with lots of heart-winning features that you won’t find in a normal drum set. Well, this drum set can use players of any age. You will find every size of this stuff available. It is constructed with the strong Dragonwood that is literally our favorite. It is extremely durable and full of strength, so you don’t need to buy another drum set in the near future. It is so reliable for tuning easily.

Due to its full, bright and tuddy tone, this is perfect for going with any type of music. You can go for rock, Jazz, hip hop and anything you want.

This drum set is exceptionally attractive to look at. Its pure matt black finish makes this model so versatile and eye-soothing to look at. This could be heavenly stuff for black-lovers who want to learn to drum and also rock on stage.

It has a two-years of limited lifetime warranty as a safeguard. So, be happy with this outstanding product.

We Like

  • Highly featured with versatile qualities
  • Amazing mate-black finish
  • Good for everything
  • HIghly strong and full of strength

We Don’t Like

  • Expensive drum set model
  • Snare could be better


Buyer’s Guide

Drum sets are always a matter of excitement when you buy a new set and for the first time. As you are new to drumming, you may don’t know how to buy an effective drum set. Along with the potential options, here we are providing a proper guideline that will help to get a quality drum set that will be good for your learning.

You should consider the following things while judging a drum set:

Drum Pieces

When you will go for the best beginner drum sets, the available options are 4-pieces and 5-pieces. You have to choose between these two. The difference between these two drum sets is the additional rack tom that you will find in the 5-piece set.

You should consider the learner’s capacity while choosing a model. A 4-piece drum set is easier to handle and play than a 5-piece set. If the learner is just a kid, you should take the 4-piece set. It will help him to start the journey comfortably. But if you are getting one for a young player, you can take the 5-piece set.

Drum Materials

Drum material is a crucial thing that you have to think about before buying a drum set. There are multiple material options for drum sets. You can choose one of these. These are maple, birch, mahogany, poplar, etc.

Among these, maple is the warmest option for beginners. It offers a balanced tone that is very important for a beginner. If you want a low-cost drum set, you can choose the popular one. This material is very cheap and you will get a drum set of poplar at a very reasonable price.


Drum sets require some hardware that you need for installing the drum set. There are lots of models that provide this hardware stuff along with the package. BUt some drums won’t give you this stuff. You have to buy these with extra money, which is not good at all.

So, before purchasing, try to get one that is available with proper hardware stuff. It will help you to save money. Besides, the hardware you will get in shops is not good like the manufacturer’s product.


Drum set is not cheap price stuff and you have to keep it in your mind. Before buying a drum set, you should be conscious of your budget. You will get the best beginner drum sets in the range of $400-$1000.

Now, you have to decide your budget according to the product quality. If you want a high-quality drum set, you have to make your budget more than $500. Otherwise, you will get a reasonable drum set under $500.


If you need to carry the drum set out of your house, you should think about the compactness of the drum set very carefully. If you need to carry it to your class once or twice a week or for a house party at your friend’s house, you should get a drum set that is good for carrying easily.

Not all the models around you are portable. Check if the drums are too heavy or not. You should go with the lightest one and all the ones that are portable enough.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How Big A Drum Kit You Should Buy?

Almost all the drum sets have 4-piece or 5-piece kits. But you can add extra kits if you want to. Basically, beginners keep these 4-piece or 5-piece kits for learning. But most of the drummers arrange the setup in a creative way and make your drum set unique.

Q: Is Noise A Concern At Your Residence?

Unfortunately, yes. Drums are undoubtedly loud and you may not be able to play them in your house if your neighbours are living just after your window. But if you are living in a duplex or apartment, you can play an electric guitar instead of an acoustic guitar.

Q: Do I Need To Wear Protection of Hearing When Playing The Drums?

Of Course, yes. Playing the drums is noisy and can harm your earring capacity. For any music person, this is crucial to use protection for hearing. Our suggestion is to get good quality isolation earmuffs that will protect your hearing. This will be a wise investment.

Q: Do I Need To Go For The Drum Lessons?

Though drum classes are good and you can learn anything, people don’t spend money and time on this. They have thousands of tutorials on drumming online. You can go to YouTube and play videos to learn drumming. So, no need to start out a drum lesson. You can do it now yourself.


A drum set is undoubtedly one of the rocking things to play. People who love music have a desire to play the drums. A drum set with proper qualities is essential for performing well. This article is the best solution you will get over the internet for getting the best drum sets for beginners. It has the best beginner drum sets options along with buying guidelines. So, you can get a drum set that will suit you best.