10 Common Mistakes Beginners Guitarists Make When Learning Guitar

Among all the instruments, guitar playing is interesting and difficult at the same time. In guitar learning sessions, there is a huge possibility that people will make mistakes unknowingly.

With time, these mistakes turn into habits and the result is the worst performance with the guitar. This is why every person should know about all these issues that can make his experience full of frustration.

When you are starting your journey with guitar, you have to consider some things that you shouldn’t do at all. People do these things the most and we don’t want you to be one of those.

After proper research on the guitar learning process, we found out the following mistakes that everyone should avoid while getting involved in guitar learning.

Let’s see what common mistakes beginners guitarists make when learning guitar:

1. Not Setting Goals

The first mistake that beginners make in a guitar learning session is not setting proper goals. People set goals to break those and this is how you can make improvements.

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There are so many people who ask me about how they can improve in playing the guitar, how they can start, how they can be pro-level players, etc. When I wanted to know about their goals, they have no satisfying answer to this question because they literally don’t have any goals.

Every person who is about to start learning guitar should set a goal. Now, this goal is not the thing that you wanted to reach one day in your life,  like being a great pro guitarist. You can select 5/10 songs and learn to play them. After completing these, you have to set new goals and it will help you to be a great singer one day for sure.

2. Not Getting a Professional Guitar Setup

For serious learning, a professional guitar setup is important. I can explain this better as I also have faced this problem. There was a time when I couldn’t practice for hours.

It took around a few minutes to make me tired and I couldn’t play the guitar the way I should play. It took so much pressure to push the strings and that’s why I used to quit practising after a few minutes. I realized the difference when I finally got a professional setup for my guitar.

The difference is huge and now I can play two or three hours continuously. Actually, a poor guitar setup is hard to play and it will hurt in your hands. Most people don’t spend money setting up the guitar and this is a huge mistake.

Yes, you can do it yourself if you have proper instruments. But I would like to suggest you call a professional to set up your guitar.

3. Poor Muting

When you are learning guitar, watching a video tutorial, or from professional life, it is important to listen to them carefully. You have to notice how they hold the guitar, how they use their fingers to push the strings, etc. Poor muting of the guitar is a big issue in learning guitar finely.

Suppose you are watching a video of ‘A’ minor scale and also keeping the guitar unmuted. This is impossible to hear what you wanted to hear. You have to keep the guitar muted completely when you are not using both the fretting hands and picking hands. Keep the fretting hand on ‘E’ minor scale and also mute the A minor scale.

The guitar won’t ring out unless you don’t want to. This is a very little but crucial mistake that people make frequently and suffer a lot in the practice session. So, make sure that the guitar is totally muted when you need to listen to the guitar, not to play.

4. Going Too Fast

The thing we usually notice is that people, especially young learners, want to learn guitar very fast. Once they have a guitar, they want to be a professional and popular singer or guitarist overnight. Well, when you are learning guitar, you have to invest lots of time to learn every technique and focus on mastering those small tips regularly.

There are no shortcuts in guitar playing and it makes people habituated with bad techniques. You have to start your journey in a routine way. First, try to build your tempos 50%. When you are finally done with this incrementally, go for the next session.

Practice perfectly and patiently can make the practice more fruitful.

Common Mistakes Beginners Guitarists Make while learning
Image: takelessons

5. Not Learning How To Tune Well

Tuning the guitar is very crucial in playing the guitar and most people make mistakes in this case. I am not saying that they don’t tune well. In today’s world, there are lots of tuners you will find. Either it is a traditional tuner or the tuner in your smartphone, it helps a lot in tuning the guitar. But these devices are making people lazy to learn the real method of tuning the guitar.

If you are in a place where you have no tuner, or you can’t use the phone for tuning due to loud noise, what will you do? Nothing if you can’t tune the guitar. So, stop using those devices all the time and learn to tune your guitar manually.

6. Not Applying What You’ve Been Practicing

This is a fact that people don’t apply in real-time what they learn. There are lots of things a guitarist needs to learn and this is equally important to apply those techniques while playing. But people make this huge mistake frequently.

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Suppose I can play G major scale or G major chords. But if I don’t practice it with the G major scale song, things won’t be perfect. You should practice your lesson with related songs so that you can relate your learning in real-time.

7. Using Too Much Force to Play

This is a huge mistake, I guess. This happens mostly in the case of beginners. People think that pushing the strings with heavy force will enhance the sound and also its quality. But this is completely wrong. Guitar strings don’t get played only by physical strength.

You should know the proper techniques to push the strings on the fretboard. You can play the guitar very easily. I am not saying that you will be able to play scales, improvise, or play groovy rhythms. But you can make sounds, at least. So, don’t push the strings with force unnecessarily.

8. Inconsistent Practice

Practising is everything in the case of learning music and guitar. You have nothing to do except practice. But most people don’t think that the practice session should be consistent. You should not practice in your free time. You have to make your time free for practising the guitar.

Today you are practising for two hours, tomorrow you will practice for one hour and the next day is 15 minutes. This is not the way you should practice. Following a consistent routine is very crucial for learning guitar.

So, you should distribute your time wisely for everything, including learning guitar.

9. Learning from Too Many People

Newcomers are full of excitement and they can’t wait for long to play the guitar. They want fast lessons and that’s why they keep changing teachers for learning guitar. This affects the learning process. You should learn from a professional guitarist who is the best option for teaching you.

Take enough time to decide where you should go for learning. But don’t change your learning medium again and again. It will hamper your learning.

10. Not Playing in Public

Another big mistake that people make is not playing in public. You may learn guitar sitting in your bedroom from online sources. But you won’t feel the way a professional guitarist plays unless you perform in public.

You may feel uneasy and shy for the first few attempts. But don’t stop it. You will be habituated after a few performances. This will help you to create public relations and also find out if you are playing well or not.

Bottom Line

Playing the guitar is undoubtedly a matter of great fun. This is a way you can express yourself as something exceptional in a good way. But people ruin this journey by making some mistakes unintentionally.

We tried our best to point out those mistakes so that you can avoid some common mistakes beginners guitarists make. Hopefully, this writing is going to help you a lot. Best of luck.