How To Care For a Guitar: Basic Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

Having a guitar is nowadays a common thing among musicians and even people who are not professional but love music. Keeping your guitar in a properly maintained way is not an overlooked thing at all. To get the best tune, you should keep your guitar clean and dust-free all the time. Your guitar should be in good condition to work like a functional and effective one.

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But people are not aware of how to care for a guitar and the right way of maintaining a guitar. They don’t pay attention to their guitar much when they don’t play it and the result is very disappointing.

In this guideline, we tried our best to let you know how you can take guitar maintenance seriously and also get a long-lasting quality performance. To maintain the quality cleaning standard, we have decided to segment the whole process into a few steps and these are as follows.

How To Store a Guitar?

No matter how you will keep the guitar clean, it is very crucial to store the guitar in a secure place. It’s all about keeping the guitar in a maintained condition when you are not playing your guitar. To ensure secure and suitable storage, you should take care of the following things:

1. Keeping in a Guitar Case

When you get a new guitar, it will play in a good way for sure. But the issue will happen when you leave the guitar without proper storage. Without proper care, your guitar will not perform in the way it used to. So, you have to ensure secure storage of it. -In that case, a guitar case is the best option for you.

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This is a very wrong decision to keep your guitar hanging in the hanger in your wall that most people do. Guitar cases are structured in a very special way that keeps the guitar safe from any kinds of external damages and free from humidity as well. It will require a handsome investment while buying a guitar case. But, we think this investment is worth enough considering its quality.

2. Maintain Consistent Humidity

Only keeping the guitar in the guitar case is not all for your favourite guitar. Humidity is a big issue for a guitar. Extremely humidity can damage the texture of the guitar. Even its strings can be hard due to the humidity that is a huge problem while playing. You will face this problem most in the cold weather. So, maintaining a reliable humidity level inside the guitar case is very crucial. The standard humidity level for your guitar is 45% – 50%. If you fail to maintain this level, you have to face many threats, especially if you have especially the acoustic one. You will get different kinds of the dehumidifier in the market. Just buy one that is more effective and keep your guitar secure than ever.

3. Setup and Check Periodically

Getting your guitar set up in the right way is very much important. If you get a new guitar, it will be available with the proper setup. But, if you already have one and are using it for a long time, you have to set it up again and again to get the perfect tune. Before every concert time, you have to do it. Our suggestion is to open the guitar case after a certain period if you keep it stored for a long time. Check the setup and stings quality. Do changes if needed and clean the guitar in a good way. Hopefully, the guitar will always be the same as the new one.

How to Clean a Guitar?

How to clean a guitar

Well, to keep your guitar clean and dust-free, you can follow a proper instruction that is highly suitable for maintaining the guitar. So, read through the following tips and do accordingly.

1. Dust and Polish

To make the guitar long-lasting and well-performed, you have no other choices than to keep it clean and polished. Cleaning is not a big deal if you have enough time. You can use dry clothes to clean the guitar. No need to use a wet cloth to clean it.

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If you are not satisfied with the cleaning, you can use any cleaning kit. We can suggest using the fret polish to keep the fretboard smooth and flawless. Always remember that polishing can change the quality and outlooks of a guitar and you have to do it.

2. Clean the Pickups

Pickup is another crucial thing of a guitar that requires to be clean to provide the ultimate result. A guitarist frequently uses the pickups to amplify the tune and that’s why he needs to touch it. So, it will be dirty very soon. You can keep the pickups clean using a dry cloth. Just wipe the pickups with the cloth and do it in a routine way so that dust can’t damage the pickups very soon and you get the best tune.

3. Fretboard Maintenance

Fretboard is one of the essential parts of any stringed instruments and guitar is one of them. This is genuinely a good habit of keeping your guitar fretboard clean and maintained all the time. You can’t believe how it is important for the fretboard to be good. To get the best output, you should keep the fretboard always hydrated. You will get different types of conditioners that are used to keep your fretboard hydrated all the time and the string shiny.

4. Having Toolbox

The guitar is all about strings and we won’t be surprised if anything unpleasant occurs to the guitar’s strings suddenly. So, always try to keep a toolbox in your car and even in your house. It will also help you to get the guitar fixed in any tough situation. It contains several kinds of tools that are extremely suitable for taking care of the guitar. So, never forget to get such a box.


Nowadays, the guitar is definitely one of the most-used musical instruments all over the world and it has valid reasons for this popularity. Guitar playing is a passionate hobby and even profession to some people. So, it’s very important to play the guitar in an amazing way. Without proper caring, guitars are not capable of providing mesmerizing tunes. So, taking care of the guitar is obviously the best way of keeping the guitar in good condition. So, always try to keep the guitar clean and well-maintained.