How To Choose an Electric Guitar – Buying guide

If you are a professional guitarist or want to play the guitar in front of thousands of audiences, we really can’t help you to do this, except appreciating you. But, what we can do is to help you to get the right instrument in your hands. The guitar is one of those instruments that are quite difficult to choose and general people can’t recognize the right one.

If you are learning guitar or a professional guitarist, all the guitars you will get in the market may not be perfect for you. There are some characteristics that regulate the quality of electric guitar a lot.

So, without considering those things, you may not get the one that is suitable for you and is good for sustainable performance. Let’s know what those things are:

Things To Consider Before Choosing An Electric Guitar

1. Body Style

The guitar’s performance greatly depends on the body style the guitar. So choose wisely which one you prefer. Well, you will find three types of body style in guitar. These are solid body, semi-hollow, and hollow body.

If you want loud amplification and sustainable performance, you should go with the solid-body guitar. You should get the semi-hollow guitar if you want high-quality acoustic sound and also a high level of amplification.

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Lastly, the hollow body guitar is perfect for you if you want high levels of amplification and also acoustic sound. This is why it is also called the ‘Jazz’ guitar. But, you should know that it can be prene in providing feedback due to the high amplification. Considering your purpose, you should select the body style of the guitar.

2. Wood

You may think that the quality of woods only affects the durability of the guitar. This is partially true. If you get a guitar of a quality wooden base, your guitar will perform for a long time, for sure. But there are some other reasons why you should choose the wood type carefully.

Well, your guitar’s tone and weight greatly depends on the construction materials of the guitar. So, make sure you get a quality guitar with a suitable wooden body.

3. Scale Length

Scale length is probably the most important thing that affects the sound quality a lot. In fact, the tonal quality and the tension of the string also depends on the scale length. First, let’s know what the scale length actually is. Well, the scale length is the vibrating length. It is the place where the strings do journey after release.

There are two types of scale length you will get. One is 24.75″ and the other is a “Fender” scale of 25.5″. Both are a bit different in creating sound. You should check out both and take the one that you like most and also help you in your operations.

4. Intonation

Intonation is another crucial factor that you must consider when buying an electric guitar. When you move the neck, normally, it is supposed to play the notes in tune. Now, this will not happen for all kinds of guitar.

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For the perfect notes playing capacity, your guitar should have intonation capacity that determines that the notes will play or not. You should also consider the gap between the two frets. If it is above 12, you won’t get the best output at all. Maybe it will be an incapable instrument for recording or live show performances.

5. Neck

Holding the guitar in the perfect way is very important for getting better performances. So, neck size and design matter a lot for a guitarist. You will get different types of neck size in electric guitar, including C-shaped, thin, wide-thin, etc.

Now, it depends on your requirements which one you should take. You should consider your hand size and get one that you can hold comfortably and play the guitar at your best.

6. Set Neck vs Bolt-on

This is very confusing to choose an electric guitar between the set neck one and the bolt-on one. Well, some people think that guitars with a set neck are more capable of providing sustainable performance. This is partially true. But, it depends on your choice.

If you prefer a guitar from Fender Stratocaster, we are pretty sure that you will feel great with the bolt-on neck. But if you want a guitar from Gibson Les Paul, you will be okay with the set neck.

7. Finish

If you are only concerned about the sound and tune, you may not look for a good looking guitar. But if you have a passion for getting a guitar with attractive looks, you must check its finishing before buying one.

Most of the manufacturers keep in their mind that they need to produce a good-looking impressively playing the guitar. We are not providing any suggestions in choosing the guitar based on its looks. It depends on your preferences. So, pick one as you prefer.

8. Bridge

You should also consider the bridge type of the electric guitar. There are two types of bridge in the guitar, including tremolo bridge and stop the tail bridge.

If you don’t have any problem with the bent string, you can take the guitar that has a tremolo bridge. But according to most guitarists, a stop tail bridge is more suitable. It keeps the strings fixed with the body and provides more stability. So, our suggestion is to get the one with a stoptail bridge.

9. Pickups

Pickup has a great role in producing different types of sounds. There are two types of pickups in electric guitars. One is near the neck and the other is near the bridge. The first pickup will produce a comparatively thicker sound and the other pickup produces a bit twangy sound.

Every guitar has three switches so that you can change the pickups. There are some guitars that have five switches so that you can blend the pickups and regulate the sounds. Choose the one that you feel comfortable and satisfied to play.

10. Choose

Getting the tune and holding the pitch is very crucial when you are playing the guitar seriously and you can’t do it without a tuning machine. So, a tuning machine is a mandatory thing in your electric guitar. But, you should be careful while selecting one as there are many machines that require huge maintenance. Try not to get such one.

Bottom Line

Electric guitars are available with diverse physical appearances, characteristics, quality and lifetime. The above points we mentioned are mainly the judging factors that will help you to choose an electric guitar. So, follow the way musicalstudio suggest and get the best electric guitar in your collections.