How To Choose Your Acoustic Guitar Size & Shape?

The body shape of a guitar affects your performance on stage a lot, especially when it’s about an acoustic guitar. When you go to buy a guitar, you have to consider the acoustic guitar Size.

There are lots of shapes of acoustic guitar, starting from small to large. In between, you will get multiple options and these actually will make you confused. You are not only the one who is facing this problem.

There are so many people who can’t decide which one they should take. Sometimes they make wrong decisions and suffer later. Well, we have done a proper study on the acoustic guitar size and body shape and prepared a complete guideline that will help you to choose the suitable one.

But at first, you have to know everything regarding the guitar’s size. Let’s get a very clear concept regarding it.

Thanks to Gary at Chagar Music for lending us the guitars for this video!

What are the different acoustic guitar body shapes?

When we are talking about acoustic guitars, there are hundreds of models available from several brands like Martin, Takamine, etc. But when it’s about size, you are lucky enough that all the brands make guitars of six sizes. So you can actually know about all in single writing and we are doing our best to get you introduced to all of them. Let’s see what they are.

Parlor Guitars

This is the smallest size of acoustic guitars you will find in the market. This is basically for the fingerpicking and the kids who are starting their journey with guitar. Normally kids of 5-12 years can play this guitar.

Well, the height difference between a 5-year kid and a 12-year kid is noticeable. So, this category has three separate sizes as well. So, you have the option to specify your requirements for your kids.

Orchestra Model

Orchestra Model is the next size you will find. This is actually the mid-size guitar and it is also called the Auditorium model. This guitar is good for perfect balance, projection and volume. But the thing you will feel lacking is the baas response. You can choose this one free if you want an acoustic guitar for a solo gig.

Grand Auditorium

Grand Auditorium is another acoustic guitar of Taylor’s signature shape. This guitar is full of lower resistance. This is also a mid-size guitar and quite popular among professional guitarists.


Dreadnought is considered the most commonly used acoustic guitar that is quite large in size. This is undoubtedly a great instrument for coping with a great voice. This stuff is full of full-sounding lower registers support. This guitar is vastly used by professional strummers and singer-songwriters.

Slope-Shouldered Dread

Slope-Shouldered Dread is another large guitar that is much larger than the Gibson Nick Lucas model. This guitar has many changes in design and features. 

Jumbo and Super-Jumbo

You may already get to know how large this guitar will be. Yes, this is the largest size of acoustic guitar that has a great bass response. This is why this guitar is vastly used in strumming. 

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Do you want Volume, Bass, Clarity, or small size?

As you have seen, there are several options in choosing the guitar depending on the size and shape. Now you have determined which one you should get. Before making any decision, let’s know how you should judge a guitar.

Guitars are different from each other according to many features. You should choose one considering the volume, projection level, clarity, bass response and most importantly, the size. You have to get a guitar that is good for performance with all the qualities above.

You just need to be careful about the height as the guitars are categorized into three heights, as you can in the following table. You can choose one for your age and height as well.

Acoustic Guitar Measurement

Age              Height (cm)            Recommended Size
5 – 12             100 – 120                            3/4 Size
12 – 15            120 – 165                        Small Body
15+                    165 +                              Full Size

Finally, you have an idea about an acoustic guitar and you are ready for making a potential investment in an acoustic guitar. So, think wisely and buy a guitar that will be fruitful the most in your way of playing it. Hope for the best!