How to Promote Your Music Online: Top 15 Creative Ways

When people are dependent on online platforms more due to convenience and easy accessibility, an online platform is probably the best way of promoting and learning music. This is very responsive and successful where you will get large target customers readily available. But, doing this job in the right way is very crucial. You won’t get the expected response if you don’t spend your time in the right place. So, at first, you should decide the platform where you will spend your time and money. Today we will discuss some online platforms that are highly suitable for promoting your music online. With huge potential customers, these platforms are truly amazing in spreading your music. Let’s know about such platforms:

1. Website

Among several online platforms, a website is probably the most trustable and effective way of promoting your music online. Having a website is always a plus point for you. You may have other social media platforms. But, people probably won’t find you all the time available. A website is a very effective way of communication in this way. Your fans will always get you in one place and you can get their responses on a single platform. .In such away, you can communicate with them with great ease. So, having a website is the biggest strength in promoting your music.

2. Email List

Email listing is another effective way of communicating with your audiences. When you are connecting with them through a social media site, you don’t know if you can reach them or not. It depends on the algorithm. But, when you are doing the same thing via email listing, you are specifying your target customers and knock them in their email box. So, you are directly connecting with the people who can be your customer. Email listing is not a job of a regular guy. A regular monthly newsletter can help you the most in this purpose.

3. Blog

Along with music, if you love writing, you should express your music through writing. A blog can be the best way of reaching your audience with your writing. We always suggest doing that because writing is the thing that can attract people in many ways better than anything. It is a visual presentation of your thinking and people can read your mind and your thinking by reading what you write for them. So, do write about your musical life and sometimes your personal life, if possible.

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4. Electronic Press Kit

Electronic press kit stands for EPK. EPK is another effective and vastly-used platform for spreading your music around. You will find very few bands who don’t have their personal EPK. You can provide all your latest information regarding your musical information. You can update your bio, music, photos, videos, etc., on EPK. Besides, you also can let your audience know about your tour date, contact links and other information. Whenever you release new music, the best idea is to have an EPK in your hands and keep post updates regarding the music.

5. Facebook

Facebook is another easily convenient way of reaching out to your audience. You can spread your musical information quickly through FAcebook. But, since the last few years, this is getting difficult to have your fans organically on this platform. The first thing that can help you with this platform is the Ads Manager. Ads Manager is a very budget-friendly tool that can help you to create, manage and measure the performance with the Ads Manager. If you are a newbie in music, you have to wait for some time because it has a learning curve. Through the proper testing and optimizing, you can get good performance in this field.

6. Twitter

Twitter is a great platform to provide real-time updates regarding your music for your fans. This is one of those platforms that allow you to conduct quick interactions with people. You can express yourself and your work in many ways here. You can share any trendy issues regarding your music and let people share their thoughts. You can host Q&A sessions, setlists, etc. As we know, Twitter is one of the trustable platforms among all the social media sites. You can draw the attention of your fans on this platform very easily. Just make sure that you are successful enough in creating your image in a good way.

7. Instagram

Among all the social media sites, Instagram is probably the trendy and popular one nowadays. At least 1 billion people in recent times are using Instagram regularly. So, you have the opportunity to reach a billion people under a roof. So, what can you do to do this? Well, there are lots of opportunities to be active on Instagram like a grid, Stories, IGTV, Instagram Live, etc. Besides, you can announce reel. This is an Instagram version of TikTok. You can easily make a brand of your version here.

8. Snapchat

Snapchat is a platform that is more casual and informal than any other platforms. Maybe this is the reason why you can easily and naturally get attached to the people over there. Snapchat will be your best choice if your target audiences are skews younger. You will get lots of them here. You can share your videos and other moments that are more personal and funny in type that can attract people and let people feel very comfortable while interacting with you.

9. Streaming Services

Streaming service is a specified platform where you will get all the people who are already interested in music. This is a platform where people always are available to listen to music. You have so many options to conduct the streaming service, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora, etc. You can share your music here. If your one song is successful in placing the playlist, you will get a great advantage in your musical career. There are lots of playlists in streaming services like subgenre, mood, and activity imaginable, etc. You can easily choose your category here and this is like a golden opportunity for a musician.

10. YouTube

After Google, YouTube is probably the next popular search engine that allows the user to get their favourite videos very easily. This has become very popular with people as they can get access even without paying any money. If you want to make your music promoted on YouTube, you can do this following some rules while uploading videos. You should give a clear and catchy title to your video. You also have to add a detailed description with keywords and relevant tags that will help your targeted customers to reach you.

11. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is another artist-friendly platform that is perfect for independent musicians. People can easily upload videos here and get customer’s feedback. If you want to promote your music and don’t want to waste your money, you can upload a demo version of your performance and get feedback from the audience. If you think people like your performance, you can go for professional investment on this platform.

12. Bandsintown

If you need a concert discovery platform for promoting your music, you won’t get anything better than the Bandsintown. With a huge crowd of 500,000 artists and 50 million fans, this is perfect for live streaming from any place you are from. You can promote your website and also all social media links here to get introduced to your musical platforms to people.

13. Music Blogs

Music Blog is another way of spreading your music to people. You can provide album reviews, concert reviews, interviews, and guest posts through a music blog. You can easily rank your posts with proper SEO activities and in this way, you can easily get people attracted to your stuff.

14. TikTok

TikTok is a trendy platform where you will get a huge crowd of different age levels. In fact, people around the world are getting addicted to TikTok. You will be surprised that it has over 800 million monthly active users. So, you can easily promote your video on this platform. You won’t pay any money for this as well. Moreover, you have the chance of getting an audience organically in this way.

15. Audiomack

Audiomack is one of the best music sharing and discovery websites where you can upload your songs for free. Here, millions of audience check out the new singers and get to know about them. You just need to upload the video on the trending page and you will get the result if you are capable of making songs of good quality.

Bottom Line

As a newcomer in the music industry, it takes lots of effort to get the audience’s support and there is nothing more effective than promoting music on several well-known platforms. So, we decided to provide an extensive list of places where you can make your music grown and even without spending much money. You should choose one wisely from the above list.