How to Sell Your Music Online – Complete Guide

People who are professionally related to music and make their own album or solo songs, their only motive is not to entertain people. They do this definitely to sell their music. Sell your music is quite easier online, you can successfully do this job without facing much rush. But, for that, proper planning is needed.

You should know what you should do when you should do it and how to do it. With all this information in an organized and easy way, we are providing the following article that is extremely reliable for a musician who is highly eager to sell his music successfully. So, Let’s dive in!

Where to Sell Your Music Online?

First, you should determine the platform where you will sell your music. We found some options that are good as markets of music. You can pick one from the following.

  • Your Own Website

The most crucial place to sell your music is your very own website. You should have a website that will allow you to get lots of audiences in a place. In this way, your fans will get you all the time in a place and they don’t need to rush here and there. Unlike several social media pages, your website is more trustable and is worth enough for selling your music more.

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You just have to make a website with some good looking and attractive pages and maintain all these. This is like a piece of the internet of your very own that you can control every time. But, you may feel annoyed to maintain it regularly.

  • Online Music Stores

Our second choice is different online music stores. You will find several music stores online that are doing the same job as a physical music store except doing their operations online. In this way, you don’t need to go to your audience. You just need to sell the music and the rest will do the music stores.

  • Bandcamp

Bandcamp is an online free platform that allows music creators to sell their music directly to their fans. This platform is good for the long term career of the musician as it provides contact and emails of your fans. Though Bandcamp will get a 15% commission, you will be definitely benefited. Bandcamp always influences audiences with their regular blog, app, and the Bandcamp Weekly podcast. So, music lovers search for new music here.

  • Music Download Sites (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon)

There are different music download sites, including iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc. Live streaming platforms are doing their job in a great way. But, there are so many audiences who want to listen to music from the site that they already have access to. They trust their subscribed platforms more than any other ways.

So, they normally go to those sites and listen to music. To satisfy their customers, music download sites buy songs frequently. So, you have a great opportunity to sell your music on these download sites.

  • Streaming Platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music)

There are lots of streaming sites that have huge audiences and they want to make a good collection of old and new songs. You will get the advantage here as a newcomer. Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc., are platforms that will buy your music. These are not the most popular streaming platforms. But, you will get a great career through these platforms as well.

When to Sell Your Music Online?

sell your music online

Deciding the period when you should sell your music depends on some factors. You should consider some factors and evaluate the feasibility of selling in a particular time following the method we are explaining below:

  • Engage Fans

The first thing you should do is to engage your audience so that they can listen to you when you stream. This is not possible when your fans are not on a platform. Do as much as promotions as you can.

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Research on the effective music promotions methods and do accordingly. Our suggestion is to upload the demo video snippets and teasers to Facebook and Instagram so that people get to know that you are coming with music.

  • Launch a Crowdfunding Campaign

To get more and more preorders, you should set up a crowdfunding campaign. You should do this on your website. It will give you 100% opportunity to get ultimate responses from audiences. In this way, you can also get to know how many CD’s you need to make. It saves your money from spending on unnecessary pieces.

  • Set up a Preorder

The next step is to set up a preorder system. You will get two opportunities by doing this. First, you will get huge sales even before launching your music and secondly, this is a very effective way of promotions. This is a good way of reminding the fans about your music. You should add a preorder button to your website so that customers can let you know their demands.

  • Album or Single Release

When your album or solo music finally comes, first you have to distribute among the fans who were waiting by booking books in the preorder option. Then you should sell them on your websites in a regular way and also on different musical stores and streaming platforms. You should be careful that you never got out of stock.

  • Music Sales Follow-up

When it’s starting to sell the music, you haven’t done your job yet. You should follow up on the selling status regularly. Keep doing promotions and scheduling social media posts. Sometimes, you should also offer discount codes for your full catalogue of music.

How to Sell Music Online?

how to sell music online

To sell your music online, you have to use some tools. So, when your music is ready to up, just use the following tools:

  • Mailing-list

A mailing list is an old-school but very effective method. When you don’t want to go for random audiences and want some exact people who may like your song, you should collect their emails. There are so many people who regularly check their email and read those.

If you send the offers and selling requests through email, there is a high possibility that people will read those. So, before any further do, just send the dedicated email blast to your targeted customers.

  • Social Media

Social media undoubtedly is a platform where you will get lots of crowd under a roof. Yes, it’s true that you hardly find the exact and real customers with great difficulty. But, you can reach out to many people. You can upload your music on all those social media sites that will pay you for your music or may provide the opportunity to earn money. You should be active on social media and create a fanbase to get more responses from true buyers.

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  • Pay-What-You-Want Pricing on Songs

You should provide the Pay-what-you-want pricing model. This is right that most people want to give an amount that you determined for them. But, there are also some people who don’t have budget issues and you should leave the pricing on them.

In this way, you will get some extra money from your music. If someone is really excited about your music, they will buy it with all they have. Sometimes, you will get money less than you wanted.

  • Offer Physical and Digital Bundles

If you decide to provide physical versions of your music like CD’s, you should make bundles for your online platform. You have to deliver those to your customers according to the orders you will get through your websites and other platforms.

  • Sale Pricing & Discount Codes

When your music is ready for selling, you should offer a discount price to attract the audience. This is not for a long-term period. You should offer a discounted price for a certain period. You can enjoy your release with this discount and sometimes get new subscribers.

  • Set up Fan Subscriptions

If this is not your last time in music, you should think of your future. If you want to make more music in future and sell those, you should set up subscriptions facilities for fans. In this way, they will find you very easily. So, don’t forget to do this before ending up your activities to make your music sell.

Bottom Line

When it’s about music selling, you will get very few opportunities to sell music successfully online if you are not prepared with proper planning. You should keep promoting and marketing but never oversaturate your fans.

It will make your position disrespectful. In today’s article, we tried our best to provide a full and detailed guideline for selling your music successfully online. You should check this out and make your musical journey enjoyable and fruitful.