5 Reasons Why Your Guitar Strings Break, and How To Fix Them

A good quality guitar is capable of performing for many days, weeks and even years. Actually, it should be. Without a guitar that is fluent and continuous for hours’ show, you are going to miss your day. Your guitar can create a big issue even though you spent lots of money on it. This happens due to the poor quality strings.

Suppose you are using your guitar for weeks and suddenly the strings have been broken just a few hours before a big show that you desired for a long time to have. What will you do? Well, we know what exactly you should do to make your day. If you know how to fix the strings, you can sort out the issue in a few minutes and get on the floor for rocking.

So, let’s reasons why your guitar strings break and how you can fix the problems…

1. Old strings

One of the most common reasons for breaking your guitar’s strings is using the strings for many days. Old strings are not good in tuning and don’t sound good. The main reason behind it is the damage to the strings. With time, the strings get oxidised and so lose their durability.

Not only the moisture in the air but there are also so many reasons why the strings get damaged like dust, dead skin of fingers, oil, etc. If you don’t clean this dust from the strings, it will lose its temper day by day and you won’t be able to use it anymore.

How to Fix: In the case of old strings, you have no other choice except to have the new strings. Put new strings to your guitar. After getting new strings, you should take care of the new guitar strings. You should wipe the strings regularly so that they won’t get damaged by the dust easily.

2. Playing style

Playing style affects a lot on the longevity of the strings of your guitar. You may think it is weird. But it actually happens that you break well-conditioned strings because of your own fault. If you play the guitar so hard and pull strings badly, the strings are bound to be broken.

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This happens most with the young learner and especially the male teen. They are super-excited to be a rockstar and this excitement makes them pull strings so hard. This causes not only bad sound but also strings breaking.

How to Fix: The only solution for this problem is to fix your playing style. First, analyse your style and try to transform it into some good and effective styles of playing. If you don’t want to do that, we can suggest you change the strings and bring strings that are suitable for hard strikes.

3. Rough fret edges on your guitar fretboard

If you have good quality strings and you are playing the guitar in the right way, the next possible reason for breaking the strings are uneven and rough fretboard. Fretboard plays a crucial role in the performance of strings. This happens more when the distance between the nuts and bridge is less. If the fretboard is uneven and the fret edge is rough, the strings may get broken due to the fraction. 

How to Fix: A piece of soft sandpaper can solve your problem. You just need to polish the fretboard with sandpaper. In this task, you can also use fret burnishing tools. If you don’t want to break the strings intentionally for getting a new guitar, you should follow this remedy. 

4. Using the wrong strings on your guitar

String quality matters a lot in the case of the durability of the strings. There are different kinds of strings based on size and quality. In most cases, people fail to choose the right string. If you need to play hard, a light string is not for you. But people normally do this and also don’t care about the string material. So, the strings don’t stay for long.

How to Fix: When you are choosing the string, you should consider the quality of strings and also the string size. If you need to strike hard, choose a high-quality string that is made of a gauge. This is comparatively durable than any other strings.

5. Humidity 

Humidity is another crucial reason why your guitar’s strings can be broken. If you are in a humid place of the world or kee the guitar in a humid environment, strings will be damaged very soon. The strings get frizzy due to the humidity and also get oxidised.

When you pull these freeze oxidised strings very hard, they will tear off for sure. Basically, the 40-45 % humidity level is perfect for storing the guitar. But if the humidity level reaches 75%, it is harmful to your guitar.

How to Fix: You can use different kinds of a dehumidifier to keep the surrounding dry. Silica gel is another suitable and reasonable option for this purpose. You can buy this in huge bulk as well. The best option is to get strings that are coated and capable of keeping the metal of the strings safe.


These are the possible reasons that may create problems for you while playing the guitar. A broken string is the worst nightmare to any guitarist. If you don’t want to get the strings torn off on the stage, be careful about the above possibilities and take steps accordingly. Hopefully, you will get a good result.