Flying With a Guitar: How To Travel on a Plane With a Guitar?

Carrying your musical instruments on a plane is a matter of great concern due to the safety of those. Any kind of portable musical instrument is allowed to be carried when you travel from one state to another. But due to the security issues, it has become a stressful process. The guitar is probably the most carried instrument that needs to be kept with you when you are going for shows in different cities.

So this is important to ensure the security of your guitar. Along with your other baggage, you can ensure the safety of your guitar and minimize the stress regarding flying with a guitar. Today we will try to help people out who are confused about this matter.

Can You Take Guitar on The Plane With You?

Well, there are no direct restrictions for the guitar in any airlines. But it depends on the aeroplanes if they allow you to carry any additional stuff with you along with your backpack. To get accurate information, you should rely on the airline’s website. We noticed there are lots of articles on different websites that are conflictory with each other. So it’s better to talk directly to the authorities. You can give them an email if you have any queries.

If you get permission and flying with a guitar in a hard case, your stuff will be safe. But if you carry the guitar in a soft bag and the plane staff put your guitar on hold, this will be a great problem. If you have very little time to get detailed information, we suggest booking two seats and keeping the guitar in the seat beside you.

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This is a costly process. But if you are in a hurry, you have to do this. If you book a business class seat, you have no problem at all because you are allowed to take two bags with you. So you can keep your guitar with you along with a bag.

Is a Guitar Safe in The Hold?

We never heard that a guitar that was carried in the hold had broken. But this is really weird to see that the plane crew will throw your guitar case from the hold. Maybe your guitar will remain safe. But we can’t assure you about the case’s safety. S

ometimes, the crew members make mistakes and mix up stuff. If anything like this occurs, you will be in big trouble. So, our suggestion is that try to avoid the hold to carry your guitar. Try to keep the guitar with you. If you have no other options except the hold, you have to do it and pray for the best.

Flying With a Guitar: 5 Tips You Must Know

flying with a guitar

1. Book Seats Earlier on The Plane

If you are booking a seat in a commuter plane, you have very little chances of getting the guitar with you. But if you book a seat in the big plane, you can apply a trick to keep the guitar with you. Normally people who book seats earlier get a seat at the back of the plane and they have to get into the plane first.

If you book your seat earlier, you can get on the plane first. Go to your seat and keep your guitar case in your comfortable place. Now, if people feel problems due to your guitar, it’s their problem. They have to adjust it anyway.

2. If Your Guitar Gets a Gate-Check tag, Take Your Guitar on the Plane Anyway

If the authority insists you keep your guitar in the hold, let them do what they want. Maybe they will put a tag on the guitar handle and ask you to give the guitar to people who are stuffing the baggage in the hold. Let them do this.

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You just need to hold the handle in a way so that the tag will be concealed and no one can see it. Walk towards the plane. If no one stops you, go to your seat and put the guitar beside you. This is quite like what we have said in the first point.

3. Ask the Attendants Politely if Your Guitar Can be Stored in the Coat Closet Upfront

A guitar is a sensitive and fragile item. This is quite expensive. This is true that you will carry it in a case. But sometimes case can’t protect your guitars. That’s why you have to try everything you have in your hands. Try to convince the crew and attendance. Try to make them understand why you can’t leave your guitar in the hold. Who knows, they might allow you to fly with a guitar.

4. Hard-Cases vs Gig Bags

This is really weird to think that you are carrying your guitar in a gig bag. Well, a gig bag is suitable for carrying your guitar to a nearby place. But flying with a gig bag is unbelievable. But surprisingly, this is true that you will get sympathy from the crew more if you take a gig-bag instead of a hard case.

A gig bag is comparatively less bulky to look at and this may help to convince the gate crews easily. Moreover, a gig bag is easy to fit in the overhead. If there is not enough space in the overhead, you can place it in the coat closet.

5. Make Your Guitar Ready for “The Elements.”

Before getting into the plane, you have to be sure that your guitar is fully ready for different changes in the plane. Well, if you get the chance of getting on the plane along with your guitar, you should know that there will be a pressurized humane temperature in the plane. Now, if you have a humidifier in your guitar, things will be worse. So, keep these in your mind before making it on board with your guitar.


We tried our best to include all the facts that may be helpful to you. If you adopt all the tricks we suggest above, you will be able to keep your guitar with you while flying. Hopefully, these will help you to avoid all the potential excuses of the flight attendant. Best of luck!