10 Best Online Guitar Lessons Websites 2021 – Detailed Reviews!

If you are a corporate person or a hard-working businessman and want to learn to play the guitar, you may not get enough time to go to an academy to join classes. This will happen to you if you are an aged person and don’t want to go to guitar class physically.

In fact, many youths face this problem as they don’t have guitar classes nearby. In all these situations, everyone is facing the same problem and there is a very simple solution to this problem.

The easiest and most effective way of learning guitar in a busy schedule or staying at home is to learn from online guitar learning websites. Today we will talk about some online platforms that are doing good in teaching guitar virtually. Let’s see what they are.

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Best Online Guitar Lessons – Top 10 Websites

1. Guitar Tricks

guitar tricks logo

If you are a beginner, Guitar Tricks is the best option for you. Guitar Tricks is one of the top-graded online platforms for guitar learning. Among all the websites listed here, this one is more suitable and trustable than any others.

This website has been running its journey for a long time since 1998 and still, this is our favourite. You will get all the professionals to teach here and get step-by-step arrangements that are very crucial for learning guitar.

In fact, they provide DVDs and have a guitar learning app that makes the lesson more enjoyable and easy. So, you can freely visit their website and get a free trial of 14 days.


2. Fender Play

fender play logo - one of the best online guitar lessons website

Fender Play is another platform that is highly suitable for providing the help that you need to be a good guitarist. This website is very much good for training beginners who have bare heads regarding guitar playing.

This site will give you a variety of choice options and you can choose more than 100 songs to learn with guitars. In fact, you can track your progress on this site and it helps you to improve again and again.

Basically, the subscription fee is quite reasonable. You just need to spend $/£9.99 per month. But if you take the annual plan, costs will be reduced more. Besides, you will get 14 days free trial.


3. JamPlay

Jamplay logo - best online guitar lesson platform

This is another top recommendation based on our real-life experience. If you are finding for a high-quality website for guitar lessons, you can freely choose JamPlay. This website is successful in creating a community and you will get help a lot here, even from other students. 

This website offers around 5000 HD videos where you will get complete guidelines for playing the guitar. The whole course is divided into three phases and it depends on your skills which one is suitable for you. You will get a free trial of 7-days on this website.


4. ArtistWorks

articst work website logo

ArtistWorks is quite different in the way they provide services. This website doesn’t offer a membership for a certain time. They offer a membership for a certain music type or school. Suppose you want to learn rock guitar. You have to subscribe to Paul Gilbert’s program.

If you want to learn Blues guitar lessons, you have to join Keith Wyatt’s program. This system helps the beginner to specify the music type they want to learn. After completing every course, you will get special feedback from professionals.


5. TrueFire

TrueFire logo

TrueFire is another great resource for guitar learning. This website has around 25,000 videos with proper lessons that one needs to be a pro in playing the guitar.

This is definitely huge. But don’t forget that we are listing TrueFire at number 5 and there is definitely a reason for that. Most people who search for a reliable guitar lesson institution are beginners and the first two or three recommendations are good for them.

But TrueFire is an advanced quality website that is more suitable for the advanced level guitarist. So, be careful before subscribing.


6. Justin Guitar

JustinGuitar website Logo

Justin Guitar is a full-free online platform for learning guitar. People who don’t want to spend money can get this course. You will get several videos for free. But you have to pay for the guidebooks and also for the DVDs.

You may think that Justin Guitar is the best choice as you don’t need to pay here. But, don’t forget that quality should be purchased and the quality Guitar Tricks, JamPlay, and TrueFire provide, you won’t get it from the Justin Guitar.

If you are at the basic level and don’t want to spend money right now, you can get this offer.


7. Jamorama

Jamorama website logo

Jamorama is the last recommendation on this list. This is a budget-friendly platform for learning guitar. It will cost only $4.95 – 9.95 per month. You may think that Jamorama is totally useless as we are adding it in number seven. But this happens due to the competitions and the Guitar Tricks and JamPlay are ahead in this competition.

Considering the cost, Jamorama is definitely good. But quality actually matters and this is not equally capable of serving the service that the first few websites provide. So, you should not try Jamorama first.


8. Yousician

Yousician logo

Yousician is one of the best platforms to learn guitar on your tablet or phone. In fact, there are very few online banks of videos that are more effective than Yousician as it has around 9k lessons, 1,800 songs. Actually, Yousician performs a bit like gamification.

If you ever played Guitar Hero or Rock Band, you will understand how it works. This medium is perfect for the younger generation as this app provides instant feedback. You just need to play the guitar while keeping the smartphone or tablet open with this app and then it listens to you playing.

If you made a mistake, it would appeal to “One more go” strongly. So, you can easily judge your performance. This website requires $9.99/£7 per month and $119.99/£86 per year. You will also get a seven-day free trial. 


9. Orange Learn

Orange learn logo image

Orange Learn is a website with lots of accredited courses and this is not in a generalized way, like other websites. You can join here free and pay money for only your desired grade level. This is a great place for learning guitar with specific goals.

There are lots of materials on this site that you can download and practise playing offline. Orange Learn is a great platform for having actual and graded qualifications, unlike so many well-known platforms.

Orange Learn is available for beginners to Grade 8 level guitar players. It also has tutors to help you if you stack on something while playing. Overall, this website is well-equipped to help you to achieve your goal. 


10. JamTrackCentral

JamTrackCentral logo image

If you are a primary level player, you should avoid JamTrackCentral. JamTrackCentral is an online platform for intermediate and advanced level guitarists. This platform has masterclasses, jam tracks, videos,  interactive tabs, etc., to help you in learning.

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It has a free version and also a premium package of $21/£14.99 per month. You will find so many great teachers like Guthrie Govan and Jeff Loomis here and get lots of effective resources.

If you don’t want to keep your screen on all the time, you can download these and practice offline as well.


What are the Benefits of Online Lessons?

There are several advantages of learning music or any musical instrument that you won’t get going to the academy physically. You will get the following advantages through online guitar lessons:

1. Money-Saving

Online platforms require a very little amount of money for a long period, like a month or even a year. If you go to an academy for learning guitar, it will charge a huge amount per month and it will continue for years after years. In this sense, online instrument learning platforms are a money-saving way of learning guitar.

2. Easily Accessible

This will allow you to learn guitar whenever you want. You don’t need to follow the class time. You can get into the site whenever you want and practise. In fact, you can watch the video again and again if you face complexity in playing a portion that is impossible with a physical academy.

3. Lots of Information

A website is full of hundreds and sometimes thousands of videos. Each video has proper explanations and guidance that will help the student to learn very quickly and effectively.

4. Available Professional Guide

You may not get a pro-level guitarist in your neighbourhood for learning guitar. But you can learn guitar from professional guitarists even when you are living in your rural house. This happens due to online platforms that provide hundreds of teachers.

Bottom Line

Learning guitar is easier than ever as you can explore online. This is more effective than going to guitar school physically. You guys can check out the websites we have recommended and get into the one that suits you the best.