Why Singing In The Shower Sounds So Great? Here’s the science

While writing on this topic, I won’t mind confessing that I am a shower singer. Not only me, but I am also sure almost everyone you are familiar with is a nice singer in their own shower room. When you are in a concert or in a family gathering, there will be very few people who will sing willingly until you people won’t insist on him. But, people like me would love to turn my shower room into my solo concert hall. Do you ever think why people love to sing in the shower? Well, we wanted to know as well the scientific reasons behind this incident. After researching it, we actually find out why we all do the same thing. Let’s know why singing in the shower always sounds better.

# Sound-Reflecting Surroundings

Whenever you sing in the shower, you may be surprised thinking how beautifully you can sing in the shower. Well, this is not a coincidence at all. This actually happens and there is scientific evidence behind it. The first thing that works to make your singing good to listen to in the bathroom is the wall that is made of tiles or other hard, non-absorbent surfaces. Tiles are extremely good in not observing sound.

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Whenever you sing in the shower, the soundwaves keep moving until they get hit by any surface. If the sound waves need to travel a long place, the sound won’t be loud enough. But, when you are singing in your bathroom, the soundwave you are creating will travel to a very place. That’s the reason why the sound seems very powerful and loud. So, one of the biggest reasons for this issue is the highest sound-reflecting surroundings.

# Reverb in Ear

The next thing that greatly works to make your singing powerful is the reverb. First, let me tell you what this reverb is. Reverb happens when you are singing in the shower and the sound reflects on the wall. If the moving speed of sound is very high,  the sound particles will return in different directions and will bounce until they reach your ear.

Now, it’s a matter of great thought how quickly the sound waves will reach into your ear. For clear and strong singing, high reverb has no other alternatives. When you are singing inside your bathroom, the sound wave moves at a great speed and reaches your ear in a very short time. That’s the reason why your singing is rich and ornamented while singing in the shower.

# Small Size of Concert Hall

When you are singing in a large hall, the walls of the building are in distant places and the soundwave you have created moves to the wall. As it has to make a long journey, it already loses the power of pitch and the sound doesn’t seem much attractive to listen to. But, when you are singing in the shower, this is a small room and your sound wave is not travelling a large area. So, your singing sound will be louder very logically and it will gain a little bass. As a result, your singing surprisingly comes out with a wonderful pitch.

# Abnormally large vibration

In the case of any musical wave, the velocity of the sound wave greatly depends on the shape of the room where you are singing. Normally, the shower room is square in shape. So, when you are singing, the wavelengths are amplified due to the fast movements of waves. This resonant frequency is probably 100 hertz every time. This is not an imaginary thing. This is all about physics and it happens due to proper scientific reasons.

Bottom Line

Singing in the shower is not generally a matter of great concern only if you are not a professional singer. If you do stage performances regularly or a backup singer, you will feel a bad impact of shower singing. In the shower, people experience a louder sound than they originally sing at. If you do this regularly, you automatically will make your voice low and it will greatly harm your singing quality. So, be careful regarding this issue. There is another thing you should know. Your shower singing may be good to hear to yourself. But, people outside of the bathroom may not enjoy your singing. HaHa. So, make sure that you are alone hearing your song.